Facials - Guinot

Hydradermie Youth                        £65

Signature Guinot Facial   


Hydradermie Longue Vie Soleil -      £62

Effective before and after sun treatment

Hydra Peeling                             £65

Rejuvenating peeling treatment

Aromatic                                    £45

Relaxing treatment with essential oil.  Restores healthy glow, decrease dark spots

Age Summum                              £70

The ultimate anti ageing facial.  Regenerate skin cells, firm, smooth wrinkles

Lift Summum                                £82

Firming treatment for ageing and fatigue.  Lift features, firm reshape contours, restore density and volume.  More youthful appearance, smooth, reduce wrinkles on face.


Hydradermie Lift                          £90

Stimulating, lifting facial


Hydradermie Lift Express               £56

Express lifting treatment


Hydradermie Lift Deluxe               £138

Combination deluxe lifting treatment

Teen Facial                                £22

30 Minutes